This page archives various pieces that have been written over the years, most of them attempts to explain or defend the finer points of the league’s befuddling labyrinth of rules, some of them just “fun stuff”. When the volume of these individual pieces threatened to make the menu on the left extend a mile down the page, I realized some reorganization was in order.

Sometimes one GM will ask me a question, and I'll write him an answer, and then a different GM will ask me the same or almost the same question two years later, and I’ll have to write the same answer again two years later, because I didn’t save the first one. Among other things, this page is an attempt to store those answers so I only have to write them once.

Sort-of serious stuff

Player Creation/Maintenance A detailed description of how I create and maintain players in OOTP for the Redux

Ratings Reset Criteria What specifically has to happen to cause a player’s ratings to be changed

Excel Roster and Free Agents Files How to read the Roster and Free agents files

Old-School Managing How to avoid managing your 1930’s team like a 2010’s manager

Why So Many Rules? A (probably feeble) attempt to rationalize the rule-heavy Redux

A Handy Guide to the Future (5/23/18) A synopsis of the evolving park factors in the PCL, from the 30’s through the late 50’s

The Crystal Ball (1/7/19) Why real life is your most reliable scouting report in the Redux

Compensation FAQs (3/26/19) Inquiring minds want to know

Son Of A Handy Guide to the Future (5/1/19) League totals and park factors

Fun stuff

Gene Lillard (11/10/18) player bio

Irvin Hufft (11/15/18) player bio

Past Great Races (11/15/18) A quick recap of the nail-biters of 1924, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1929, 1930 and 1931