Recruiting Poster

The few… the proud… the FEW

This league isn’t for everybody. It’s different than any other online OOTP league I’m aware of, and some of the differences may turn people off. I’d love to have a full set of eight active, interested GMs, but I can, and if necessary will, run the league with empty GM slots. So, right up front…

The ideal GM for this league is someone who:

  • Is interested in PCL history primarily, and Negro League history secondarily; either knows a lot about the PCL and top Negro League players or is interested in learning about them

  • Is partial to very realistic “historic with some twists” simulations, as opposed to full-on fantasy simulations

  • Will try, within reason, to use players more or less as they were used in real life (with few exceptions, you can use your players any way you want, I’ll just like you better if you view them as actual historical players as opposed to ratings and lines of statistics)

  • Has the patience to read and attempt to understand a lot of unfamiliar and potentially confusing rules

  • Is competitive but not a dick about it

  • Has the time (and the willingness) to be an active participant in an OOTP league

Those who probably won’t enjoy this league are people who:

  • Want to have full control over their rosters (we are using historic PCL teams, augmented by a limited draft; although you will have opportunities to improve your team each year, you will inevitably be “stuck with” some players)

  • Aren’t much interested in baseball history or in a league with players they’ve never heard of

  • Lose interest easily if their team isn’t having a good season

  • Aren’t ecstatic when somebody hounds them to put in the effort required to save seven other people from being inconvenienced by their flakiness

I don’t mean to insult anyone’s intelligence—most of these things are obvious. This is as much to inform you that if these are the kinds of things that are important to you, they’re important to me too.

We are not currently seeking GMs, but you know how it is—people can go from gung-ho to ho-hum in a heartbeat. E-mail me if you want to get on the waiting list.